Chronic Disorganisation and Hoarding

Are you feeling paralysed by your things at home? Anyone can be crippled by their stuff and not know how to make steps towards change?

Questions to ask yourself: Is acquiring these items consistent with my goals? Do I have a place for it? Will this make my life better? Do I use the rooms in my home for their intended use? Can I comfortably invite friends and family?

We can support you when:

  • You, your friends, or your family, are concerned about your living conditions, but you feel overwhelmed and unsure of where to access support
  • You have a vision for a safer more organised home but you are buried in clutter.
  • There is an accumulation of items at your property, making access difficult
  • Your living conditions are placing you or others at risk (e.g. health, fire or eviction)
  • You are at risk of becoming homeless.

Benefits of our services

  • One-on-one assistance to support you to maintain a safe living environment
  • An individual plan: Our variety of approaches and resources to help you through the process
  • Improve your management of your home so you have time for things that are important to you
  • Support to help you make decisions around disposal and rubbish removal
  • Support to assist you in clearing out clutter
  • Improved hygiene and increased ease of cleaning

What we don’t do:

We do not force people discard their belonging however safety is priority. One off clearing-out sessions are not effective to lasting success. We guide towards education and therapeutic interventions.

We will recommend and work alongside services and professionals where necessary.

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