NDIS Participants

Participants under National Disability Insurance Scheme

NDIS participants and their families in the community can spend long days at medical or therapeutic appointments. For many people, a disorganised home means less quality time with loved ones and more time managing the home, cleaning, finding things, sifting through clutter and feeling overwhelmed. Our service is here to offer individuals and families a solution to the clutter and help reclaim the time.  

We have worked alongside individuals, families and children who have medical and health issues, chronic stress, trauma, physical or intellectual disabilities, mental health disorders, behavioural and learning difficulties, ADHD and Autism. We pride ourselves on understanding people’s needs and working in a non judgemental sensitive manner to achieve the best outcome for each client. 


Sessions are a minimum of 2 hours depending on the client’s objectives. All work is private and confidential.

Eligibility NDIS funding – If you have NDIS you may have Capacity Building Budget in your plan. Your NDIS plan outlines the support needs as identified by yourself and your support coordinator and therapist. It may specify how much Support Funding or Core Funding is available to you. If your NDIS plan has Capacity Building you can access the help you need to create order in your home, with both self or plan managed. We can certainly incorporate the recommendations of allied health professionals, practitioners and therapists in order to ensure all plans meet the needs of our clients. You may wish to first speak with your Local Area Coordinator (LAC) about our service. 


We create an in depth tailored plan to your daily needs and will work through the process of sorting your belongings, decluttering and organising your space. Our process involves:

  • Initial Consultation and Goal setting 
  • Tailoring a Plan of Action (Digitalised or Paper Copy)
  • Hands on process of Decluttering and Organising  – Source supplies according to budget
  • Creating and Implementing simple, easy to use techniques to maintain your space
  • Provision of rubbish bags and labeling

We aim to make your home life more manageable, safe, organised and visitor friendly.


We stay up to date with information and skills to maximise independence, emotional safety and wellbeing of clients as they declutter. We connect with well known leaders in the industry to ensure our best practice. 


Get in touch and we can discuss how best we can work with you and your space. 

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